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Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I believe that you have a lot of old clothes. Don't rush to throw them away, we have a lot of cool ideas for you - you can always upcycle your old stuff into something completely new and amazing!

For example, if you are fond of Disney princesses and want to throw a costume party, we have a lot of cool tricks for you. You can make a pair of Maleficent horns using a headband and sticky tape. Another cool idea is making Rapunzel wig out of tights and yarn - isn't it pure magic? You can use hot glue and glitter to make a crown from the cartoon Frozen.

Do you like colorful T-shirts? If yes, we have some good news for you. You can try a cool trick - it's called tie-dye. Use several rubber bands to wrap a T-shirt into a spiral or any other shape you might like, then sprinkle the wet bun with fabric paints. I promise you'll be surprised when you unwrap it.

It's not only about T-shirts. You can decorate a pair of boring shoes and turn them into a designer masterpiece. Just follow our simple tutorial and become a shoe designer!

The last part of this video is dedicated to amazing handmade bags. You can make a lot of cool bags yourself, shall you just follow our tutorials. For example, my favorite idea is making a cool bag out of an old sweater! Upcycling at it's best!


01:43 - Frozen crown

03:33 - 4 Ways to decorate your T-shirt

07:00 - A mat out of an old T-shirt

16:38 - A bag out of a towel


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