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One Zeez Super Awesome Songs for Children : A time of positivity for preschoolers to express themselves and connect with their loved ones confidently!

BasketBall Song 00:01

Superbowl Song 02:02

Football Song : 04:03

Pirate Song : 06:01

Video Game Song : 08:03

Race Song 10:01

Valentine's Song 12:02

Shark Song 14:04

Dino Song 16:01

Monster Song 17:55

Sharing BasketBall Song 19:58

Healthy Song 22:00

Baby Shark Song 24:03

ABC Song 25:59

Baby Shark 26:30

Farm Song 27:50

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Basket ball song

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Whenever their bedroom light turns off, the One Zeez travel to creative magical lands to perform a musical number inspired by the rich environments. Enthusiastic and curious, the One Zeez are always eager to discover a new place, exploring all its nooks and crannies. Their imaginative adventures are set to a fun, catchy new song which will have the entire family singing and dancing in front of each episode!

While each member holds distinctive personality traits and skill sets, this pop band of four shares one passion: uniting people through their music! Kind and always ready to help each other, it’s all about teamwork for these adorable best friends jamming in their onesies. Supporting and helping each other, they display the confidence of true superstars.

Discover Original Songs for kids, Nursery Rhymes, Karaoke and Dance for Children & Many More !

The One Zeez are four kids who form a pop band. At least, that’s what they tell themselves in their dreams…

In fact, they are four boisterous orphans who never want to go to sleep. Whenever the bedroom’s lights turn off, the little crew jump off their beds and travel to a magical land where they perform and use their own instrument like true-born musicians!

Discover Original Songs for kids, Nursery Rhymes, Karaoke and Dance for Children & Many More !

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