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Mommy and Little Baby Laundry Day

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Spend a day with these lovely girls: a mother and her baby daughter and see how a good team they are. Besides being friends, they are also teammates in doing chores around the house. So, come along and play this cleaning game where you will find that there are more to do in a house than it seems. In this game, you will handle the laundry part, continuing with the laundry room cleaning and dressing up the girls. First, you will begin with the part where you clean the room. Use the given tools to accomplish this task and make sure the floor is spotless and the garbage is taken to the bin. Next comes the laundry phase and this is where you will be getting dirty clothes and place them in the washing machine. Add detergent and conditioner and wait until they are cleaned. Get them out to be dried and continue with the rest of the game with the ironing. Take each item clothing in part and use the iron to get them straight. All that remains is to dress them up in sweet outfits with cute playful accessories. Go crazy and add unique colors that will match their energic personality. You can make the mom look chic and also the baby girl. Have fun!

There are so many features this game provides and if you want to take a quick look you can spot them right here:

- Free and easy gameplay

- Cheerful background sounds and cool graphics

- Have fun playing interactive activities with a baby girl

- Look after the house and helping out a mom

- Learning how to accomplish the given chores

- Use your imagination to create a wonderful look for this mom and her daughter

- Handle the laundry and finish the other tasks

- Use proper tools to clean the laundry room

- Learn how to iron the washed items

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