Handmade Kids Furniture NASPA

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Handmade Kids Furniture NASPA

From playhouse to slide, birch furniture for kids


Eco-friendly premium kids furniture NASPA

Careful selection of Nordic birch wood

Excellent durability lasting for long without deformation

From design to manufacturing, NASPA's own operation, coming face to face with customers.

"Safe surface quality finishing through 3-step sanding operation of rough sanding, precision sanding and ultra-precision sanding

Release after thorough inspection"

Create emotional kid's room with the harmonious combination of warm feeling wood and fabrics

Transform into a playhouse

Pursue practicality with kids furniture designed to be transformable

Slide transforming into a bookshelf

Manufacturing various types of kids furniture, including playhouse, slides, baby bed, storage drawers

Recognized for excellent design and quality, our products have been exported to other Asian countries as a premium furniture brand,

"We will continue making new spaces where the children can feel free to paly

New value space beyond simple furniture"

Eco-friendly premium furniture


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