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In episode 225 of Tumi Asbe Bole, aired on 18th March 2015, Biman is assaulted

Rupanjana is agitated on seeing Rahul with Nandini. Malini is upset as Biman has to go to the hospital to attend to a patient. Later, Nandini suggests Rupanjana to confess her misdeeds to Rahul. Meanwhile, Rupanjana hires a few miscreants who attack Biman and assault him. To know more, keep watching Tumi Asbe Bole...

Tumi Aasbe Bole is a poignant tale of love, sacrifice and letting go. Rahul is in love with Nandini. They were in college together. Rahul had confessed his feelings to Nandini back then. But Nandini who had always admired Rahul as a senior had never expected a proposal from him. She turned down his love and moved on with her life. Being a conservative girl she chose to marry the man her family suited for her. In the meantime 8 years have passed. Rahul has become a successful businessman. Nandini is happily married with a kid.

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